How is our virgin coconut oil produced?

There are several methods to produce coconut oil and virgin coconut oil.  Just Coco‘s virgin coconut oil is produced using what is called the ‘Modified Natural Fermentation Process’ of coconut milk.  According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)-


Fermentation generally means the addition of yeast or enzyme or suitable micro-organism to a feedstock to obtain a desired product. However, in the case of the Natural Fermentation Method for producing VCO, no other substance is added. It has been observed that when a coconut milk mixture is allowed to stand for more than 10 hours under favorable conditions, the oil naturally separates from the water and the protein. The mechanism for this natural separation without the addition of any fermentation agent is unexplained. It can be surmised that the term, Natural Fermentation Method, was coined because the water and the curd that separate out from the oil, smell and taste sour.  It is ‘natural’ because no other substance is added to achieve the


Of all the VCO processing technologies, the Modified Natural Fermentation Method has the lowest labor requirement and the least energy input 

Just Coco virgin coconut oil production process