Virgin Coconut Oil for Puppy Health

A couple days ago we happened upon some abandoned puppies along a remote jungle road near our house in the Philippines.  The path lead along the ocean and in range of many (hungry) monitor lizards.  We could not help but take them in.


All three were looking a bit worse for wear–very small, dehydrated, and hungry and covered with tiny scars and irritating mites.  These little survivors, whom we figure are about 10-14 days old, were in need to lots of care which included their very first virgin coconut oil full-body massages!


Coconut oil is gentle and effective for raising healthy puppies.

1)      Massage pure virgin coconut oil into a puppy’s coat to suffocate fleas, ticks and mites.  The unique medium-chain fatty acid molecular structure of virgin coconut oil allows it to envelope and suffocate exoskeleton pests (much the same way it is effective as a human lice treatment).


2)      Massaging with virgin coconut oil also provides passive nutrition.  Research has shown that premature or under weight infants massaged with virgin coconut oil in hospitals in India grew stronger faster.  The virgin coconut oil is absorbed into a baby’s bloodstream within an hour after a massage where it provides an easily digested dose of lauric acid, the same immunity boosting natural acid present in breast milk and a healthy dietary fat source.  This concept can also be applied to puppies!


3)     Massages calm puppies.  Our pups seem to thoroughly enjoy virgin coconut oil massages.  The oil feels warm as you rub it into their coats, ears and paws.  It also helps heal scars because it is naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal and rich in skin cell renewing antioxidants.  Here’s some shots of their last trip to the home spa!


We noticed that after a single virgin coconut oil treatment all 3 puppies no longer had any bugs crawling on them and were a lot less irritated by their scars.  After 2 treatments their coats are fuller and fluffy and the pests have not returned.


Unfortunately, most pet owners are encouraged to use flea and tick protection products, such as Frontline, that contain active ingredients that can lead to cancer, skin irritation or damage to organs, the nervous system and reproductive health.  Virgin coconut oil can be an affordable and natural first line of defense against dog pests.  Your pup may look a little wet after a virgin coconut oil rub down but you won’t have to worry about she or he ingesting or absorbing potentially harmful substances.  It’s subtle, tropical-nutty scent is fantastic and it will leave them with a shiny healthy coat.


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